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Our state-of-the-art electrocardiogram in Los Angeles provides you with the latest advances in cutting-edge care. The electrocardiogram, or EKG, is used to evaluate the electrical and muscular performance of the heart. An EKG measures the rhythm and rate of your heartbeat and is routinely performed by Dr. Jamshid Maddahi in his Los Angeles office.

How It Works

Your heart is a vital pump. Problems with the electrical activity of your heart can be the root of a heart problem. There are many corrective methods to repair a heart that no longer functions optimally due to electrical malfunctions. The electrocardiogram is common, easy to administer, and non-invasive for patients. However, the interpretation of EKG requires a lot of training and must be performed by highly-skilled cardiologists.

doctor reviewing electrocardiogram in Los Angeles

What is the Electrocardiogram Test Like?

An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of your heart. During the test, sensors called electrodes are placed on your chest. The electrodes are connected to a machine that records your heart’s activity. The test shows how fast your heart beats and its rhythm (the pattern of each heartbeat). It also shows the strength and timing of each heartbeat, allowing the cardiologist to assess your heart health.

An electrocardiogram in Los Angeles is a completely non-invasive test — you don’t need an operation for us to examine your heart health.

What to Expect

During an EKG, you will lie on your back on an exam table. The test usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You will be connected to the EKG machine by wires attached to sticky pads (electrodes) placed on your chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes are not painful, but you may feel a slight prick when the adhesive is applied to your skin. The electrical signals from your heart are then recorded on a computer screen. After the test, the electrodes will be removed, and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Why Is It Done

An electrocardiogram is often used to:

  • Check for heart abnormalities
  • Detect a heart attack
  • Find the cause of unexplained chest pain
  • Find the cause of heart disease symptoms
  • Determine how well your heart medications are working
  • Determine if the walls of your heart are too thick or enlarged
  • Determine if your pacemaker and other medical devices work properly
  • Monitor your heart after a heart attack or other heart procedures
  • Monitor your heart if you have a family history of heart disease
  • Monitor your heart if you are taking medications that affect your heart

For more information on scheduling an electrocardiogram in Los Angeles contact our office today.

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Contact an Expert Cardiologist

Cardiologist in Los Angeles

It is essential when selecting your cardiologist that experience and training play a vital role. Los Angeles cardiologist Dr. Maddahi brings training and 35 years of experience to his practice. He is sought worldwide by other cardiologists as a consultant on their patient care. As a dedicated leader in cardiology, he is your best choice when seeking a diagnosis, care, or prevention of problems affecting your heart.

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