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Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPEC)

Nuclear Cardiology Los Angeles

Single photon emission computed tomography, or SPEC 3D Imaging is a high-tech scanner that uses radioactive tracers to see the flow of blood through your heart. The tracer mixes with your blood and emits gamma rays. This method of nuclear cardiology uses a specific camera that picks up the gamma tracer, and allows us create 3D pictures of your heart, in the convenience of our Los Angeles office.

In this nuclear cardiology technique, a computer is used to manufacture thin 3D slice images that go all through your heart. These slices are created from many different angles to examine your heart in exceptional detail.

The radioactive gamma tracer will be flushed from your body in 48-72 hours.

Single Photon Emission Computed tomography, or SPEC 3D Imaging, is just one example of the nuclear cardiology technology Dr. Maddahi can employ at his Los Angeles office to save you the expense and pain of surgery. He has spent the time acquiring the technology, equipment and expertise in cardiology so that you are saved from un-necessary procedures.

Non-Invasive Testing: You do not need an operation for us to see inside.

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