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About Dr. Jamshid Maddahi

Dr. Jamshid Maddahi, MD, FACC, FASNC

Los Angeles Cardiologist

Los Angeles cardiologist Dr. Maddahi is internationally recognized as an expert, and a pioneer in improving cardiovascular care.

After graduating with honors in 1975, he completed his residence and fellowship training in Internal medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Cardiology.

"I have patients I have treated for over 30 years; they came to me with a problem and I prevented it from becoming a BIG problem."

As one of the best cardiologists in Los Angeles, Dr. Maddahi is a master at diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. It is his hope that patients will realize that they should not wait until they have a heart attack or severe health problem to see a cardiologist.

With the proper diagnosis and early management and treatment, a long and healthy life without heart disease is possible. Call 310-889-0769 or click here to schedule your healthy heart consultation with Dr. Maddahi today, your loved ones will be happy that you did.

Non-Invasive Diagnostics

Since starting his career in cardiac research in 1977, Los Angeles heart specialist Dr. Maddahi has participated in bringing non-invasive diagnostic procedures to the forefront of cardiac medicine. In 1990, he became the Director of the Clinical PET Scanning Center at UCLA. His goal was to extend the benefits of PET scanning into the areas of oncology, cardiology, and neurology. His years of research bring cutting edge technology to his practice. He uses the latest technology and hands-on clinical experience to help his patients avoid catastrophic health problems altogether.

Due to his research, and employing other valid technologies, his practice and others around the world can offer non-invasive procedures. His research has saved thousands of patients from operations used for the diagnosis of heart disease. His dedication has opened the doors so that patients can have a thorough examination of their cardiovascular system, without painful procedures or surgery.

Voted by his peers: One of the Best Doctors in North America

Los Angeles Cardiologist

Dr. Maddahi is a caring physician, skilled mentor and an award-winning cardiologist.

Dr. Maddahi is not only one of the best cardiologists in Los Angeles, but was selected by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America, as well as being listed in the directory of the Best 2000 Doctors in North America. He is listed in the Millennium Edition of Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Most importantly, in his Los Angeles cardiology practice he is highly regarded by his patients for his knowledge and compassion. With numerous awards and papers published, he offers his patients world class care.

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Teaching a new generation of cardiologists — ensuring a better future

As a professor of cardiology at UCLA, Los Angeles heart specialist Dr. Maddahi is involved with the evolving technology of health care on a daily basis. He does not have to wait 10-20 years for a new technology to become "mainstream". His research background allows him to evaluate new techniques as they are being developed, and bring these innovations to his patients. By teaching and mentoring his students at UCLA, he ensures that his passion for research and his compassion for patients are continued in future generations of cardiologists.

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